Community Connection 

Because isolation is one of the biggest contributing factors in the progression of substance use disorder, connecting with a community of support is critical.

Since families are often unsure of where to start, we provide complimentary family education sessions on the third Sunday of each month from 9:00am – 10:30am (PST) on our virtual platform.

Community Connection sessions are a safe space for all those interested in learning more about the impact of substance use disorder on the family system.

Sessions are facilitated by a member of the FamiliesFIRST clinical team and provide access to information and resources that support whole family wellness.

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Shifting from an external focus on controlling others 
to an internal focus on healing ourselves 
promotes increased life enjoyment and happiness, 
a renewed sense of self, 
decreased physical and mental complaints, 
and deeper intimacy and connection in all of our relationships.

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