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Counselling Services

Legacy West Healing provides individualized care for those interested in understanding more about the impact of witnessing active addiction.

Used on their own or in conjunction with FamiliesFIRST programming, counselling services help families explore long-standing patterns and generational cycles that impact the dynamic of the family-system.

This becomes the foundation for improved communication and a new, more intentional way to engage with those we love.

Individual Counselling

Individual sessions provide an opportunity to receive customized care that fits your unique needs. Sessions are designed to help families better understand how they have been impacted by addiction and the steps they can take to heal.

Areas of specialty include understanding co-dependency, exploring boundaries and communication, grief work, recovery coaching, healing resentment, and coping with fear.

Working one-on-one also allows for a deeper integration of new concepts and provides enormous benefits in the personalization of FamiliesFIRST programming.

Family Counselling

Addiction has a profound effect on the entire family system. Over time, everyone in a family where addiction is present must adjust and adapt to tremendous psychological, emotional, and spiritual losses. To reestablish a healthy foundation, families need support in acknowledging and healing from these losses.

Couples and family sessions provide support in speaking to children about addiction, the reintegration of a loved one post treatment, rebuilding trust, making amends, exploring forgiveness, and understanding the blocks to healthy communication in the family system.

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Developed by a team with over 5 decades of combined experience in addictions, trauma, and family systems.

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Witnessing active substance use disorder affects the entire family but so can recovery. Let us show you how.

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