Legacy West Healing

The feeling of landing into a net when you thought you were free-falling.
A safe place to rest when you thought rock bottom was the only option.

A non-profit organization providing programs and services designed exclusively for those who have ever witnessed someone they care about engaged in active addiction, whether they remain active, are currently in treatment, have found recovery, or did not survive.

Community Connection

Join us Sundays on our virtual platform to attend our complimentary family education sessions.

Self healing is important for your health.

Self Healing

Supporting those experiencing substance use disorder begins by supporting ourselves. Engaging in our own recovery process is the best intervention we can provide.

Family healing provides positive outcomes for everyone.

Family Healing

Addiction impacts the entire family system. When families engage in their own recovery, positive outcomes are significantly higher for everyone.

Community healing reduces isolation experienced by families.

Community Healing

You are not alone! Connecting with our own community of recovery and developing a network of support reduces the isolation experienced by families.

Putting Families FIRST Is What We Do

The FamiliesFIRST program nurtures our innate ability to create lasting change in the family system and wider networks of our lives.
This first-of-its-kind program empowers participants with a deeper understanding of the underlying dynamics that contribute to the progression of substance use disorder and provides new, more intentional, ways to engage with addiction. 
Putting families first saves lives, as the change process can begin sooner and no longer depends on the choices made by those experiencing the addiction.
Families are no longer encouraged to allow their loved ones to “hit rock bottom”, but are instead supported to begin implementing intentional changes in the way they engage with addiction.

Families embracing their own recovery is the best intervention they can provide for those experiencing substance use disorder, themselves, and the next generation.

This understanding is based on the foundational belief in the inherent competence and resilience possessed by families.

The power and strength of the family to motivate generational change through their own changed behaviour is unparalleled. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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FamiliesFIRST Program

Developed by a team with over 5 decades of combined experience in addictions, trauma, and family systems.

About Substance Use Disorder

Witnessing active substance use disorder affects the entire family but so can recovery. Let us show you how.

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